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What is Cranial Osteopathy

This is a specialist form of osteopathy which recognises a patient’s “cranial rhythm”. This intrinsic rhythm is the natural contraction and expansion of all body tissues. The hands of a trained Osteopath are able to detect any abnormalities within the rhythm, however minute, and treat accordingly.

Cranial Osteopathy is a very gentle yet powerful treatment that typically involves an Osteopath cradling the patient’s head or sacrum (base of spine) in order to feel for any restrictions or strains which may be responsible for a patient’s symptoms. The patient may feel a deep sense of relaxation and possibly become aware of heat, tingling, pulsations or other sensations and as physical restrictions are eased, a sense of lightness and well-being follows.

This type of Osteopathy is well known for the treatment of babies and children but it is also suitable for people of all ages. The practitioner works to regain a state of balance to allow the individual’s innate self-healing mechanism to restore well-being and health. Osteopaths work with the body, they don’t treat symptoms.