All patients and visitors to the clinic will be required to wear a Type 11R, fluid-repellant, surgical mask. If you cannot bring one with you one will be provided one at a cost of 50p.

Our opening hours are:

Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm.  If we are closed or unable to take your call please leave a message with your name and number and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

01382 737808

Please read thoroughly our Covid19 Policy document below, as, going forward, we will be working in partnership with our patients, each taking responsibility for keeping the other safe in terms of limiting the spread of Covid19. 



January 2021

The following policy has been compiled from guidelines issued by; Institute of Osteopathy (iosteopathy.org), General Osteopathic Council (osteopathy.org.uk), Government Scotland (Health Protection Scotland-Covid-19-Guidance for primary care), British Medical Journal (Primary Care Guidance), and our own common sense initiatives.  Additional policy may be implemented by our individual practitioners (Gillian McIntosh, Heather Lang, Kevin McGhee, Shona Rae and Clare McGhee), as they see fit.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES which provide you with important information for your safety and ours. 

 IF YOU HAVE ARRIVED IN THE UK FROM ABROAD WITHIN THE PAST 14 DAYS YOU WILL NOT BE SEEN AT THE CLINIC UNTIL AFTER THE 14 DAYS ARE UP AND THEN ONLY IF YOU HAVE NO COVID SYMPTOMS. This is a blanket policy adopted by the clinic regardless of which country you have arrived in the UK from.


  1. Coverings and furnishings will be kept to an absolute minimum.
  2. After each patient any used tissues/couch roll will be removed and disposed of as per official guidelines and the plinth, door handles, chairs, hard surfaces and any equipment used will be sanitised with alcohol gel or other appropriate sanitising solution.
  3. At the end of the clinic session all surfaces will again be sanitised throughout the clinic with appropriate sanitising agent.
  4. Practitioners and staff will be wearing appropriate PPE and will dispose of all single-use items after each patient.
  5. Fees will be fixed at £45 per session. Payment is expected after each appointment and card payments or cash are accepted.


  1. On booking your appointment you will be asked some Covid 19 questions relating to your health (Covid triage). You will need to attend the appointment alone unless the appointment is for a child or you have additional needs. If you require someone to accompany you to your appointment this must be made known at the time of booking as this person will need to be Covid triaged also.
  2. On arrival (minimum 5mins before your appointment) please remain in your vehicle until called – this is to minimise any patient interaction. If this is your first visit please phone our Receptionist on 01382 737808 and they will take note of your address details etc before you enter the clinic.
  3. You must wear a Type IIR, fluid-repellant face mask and bring a large towel to lie on and a light blanket to cover yourself as we are not using plinth covers/blankets during the pandemic. If you do not have the specific mask we ask for, we can provide one for you at a cost of 50p on top of your appointment fee.
  4. On arrival at the clinic use HAND SANITISER provided at door entrance. Your temperature will be taken by Infrared Thermometer and your practitioner will give you further instructions and directions as necessary.
  5. Toilet facilities are available, but please use the sanitising spray provided and clean down ALL surfaces touched (sink taps/toilet flush handle/toilet seat/rim etc) after use and dispose of handtowel in the bin (not the toilet) thus ensuring a sterile environment for the next patient.
  6. Your practitioner will tell you how to book further appointments, if required, at the end of your session.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The Appletree Team


At Appletree all our practitioners want to be able to provide you with the very best of care and attention that we can.  We try to be available during the times our patients need and in order to achieve this we appreciate your help in keeping our schedule running efficiently.

If you do need to change or cancel an appointment, we ask that you notify us BY PHONE at least 24 hours in advance of the appointed time.  This allows us the best opportunity to offer the appointment to someone else who may need it urgently.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to circumstances outwith our control cancellations cannot be accepted via social media.

In our continuing commitment to provide the best experience to all our patients and out of consideration for our practitioners’ time, we have adopted the following policies:

Late arrival

Late arrivals can set back our schedules significantly.  If you arrive late, your session may be shortened to the remainder of your original scheduled appointment.  If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, you may be asked to reschedule.  If you feel you are going to be late please call the clinic on 01382 737808 as soon as possible.

Cancelling an appointment

You may cancel or reschedule your appointment prior to 24 hours in advance without charge.  If, however, you cancel or reschedule within the 24 hour period before your appointment time you may be charged 100% (£45) of the fee for the appointment.

Not attending a scheduled appointment

If you do not attend for a scheduled appointment and do not provide advanced notice, you will be charged the full price (£45) of the scheduled visit.  We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur and if this is the case, please call the clinic and let us know at the earliest opportunity.

If you have several missed or late appointments, we reserve the right to decline to treat you in the future.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kevin McGhee

Practice Principal   


Welcome to Appletree Clinic where we treat people and not just the condition. We pride ourselves in creating a professional yet relaxed environment to help you back to health. Because your wellbeing is so important, we look at all aspects of your life, from posture at work to diet, and every effort is made to ensure you are happy and comfortable during your visit.

Established since 1995 and with over 70 years of experience between us, the Appletree team is committed to an ongoing level of training so we can make sure that you are confident in our care and have the individualised treatment that you need to get you feeling better. We offer a variety of treatments which include Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Reiki and Therapeutic Massage. Older people, pregnant women, babies, children, teenagers, sports enthusiasts and manual workers can all benefit from our wealth of experience.

Is your body holding you back?

Did you know that around 80% of the UK population will suffer from back pain at some point in their lifetime?

Remember, you don’t have to put up with niggling aches and pains. Allow our experienced practitioners to assess your condition, relieve your symptoms and give you the best chance of being able to return to a full and active lifestyle.

Why Choose Us?

  • Between our staff we have over 70 year’s experience delivering treatments.
  • We practice Traditional Chinese Acupuncture requiring at least 3 years training.
  • All our practitioners are qualified from top class, reputable training academies.
  • We pride ourselves on client and our returning client figures proves we are right.
  • We will not push to sell you a block of expensive sessions, we will only ever suggest what we think you will need.

What Our Patients Say

After suffering a broken neck in my past, a fall in winter caused me to have a trapped nerve in my lower neck. Visiting Kevin I was a bit skeptical on the results but after only 2 sessions of acupuncture the pain had gone and I was back to sleeping properly at nights. I have now been back for my migraines and they have been at bey now for 9 months. 
Scott Downie, Perthshire
My husband bought me an acupuncture voucher years ago and I never used it because I was scared of needles but after seeing my work colleague come back from her session with Appletree I thought I should give it a try. Not only was I so relaxed but it was totally painless and the tension that I have lived with in my neck and shoulders has gone, now its just a session every 6 months to keep it away!
Zoey McClellan, Perthshire
I have used Kevin now for many years during flare ups of a lower back problem. The minute you walk into the Appletree Clinic you are met with a warm and friendly greeting which immediately puts you at ease. Kevin himself is a very knowledgeable and caring osteopath and this combined with his sense of humour makes him a fantastic practitioner and one who I would thoroughly recommend.
Kay Boath, Monifieth
A programme of treatments at Appletree Clinic has brought me relief from the debilitating pain I have suffered due to chronic migraine, backache and post-traumatic stress. My pain had been severe and had consumed my life. Thankfully, with continuing treatment, it is now under control and I can look forward to enjoying my life again. Thank you so much Appletree Clinic.
Kaera Jarvie, Dundee
Over the years I have gone to Kevin for treatment during flare ups of spondylosis of my neck and back. My description of the Appletree Clinic would be of a safe haven. The moment you arrive at the clinic you are met with friendly staff. Kevin himself clearly has a passion for his profession and is extremely knowledgeable and skilled resulting in treatment done with confidence and enthusiasm. Kevin never recommends any further sessions unless he believes they would be of benefit. Therefore I would not hesitate to recommend the Appletree Clinic to anyone.
Eric Boath, Monifieth
A warm welcome awaits me at Appletree Clinic where I have experienced a wide range of treatments. I have always been well looked after by qualified and experienced practitioners with professional expertise.
Liz Christmas, Dundee